Jalsa Salana Ireland – Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Ireland concludes its 18th Annual Convention

Source: newsgroup.ie | 18th Annual Jalsa Salana Conference

Muslim Convention in Ireland concluded, reaffirming rejection of violation and extremism, and loyalty to country of residence. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Ireland held its 18th Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) on, Sunday, 14th of July 2019 at Glenroyal Hotel Maynooth co. Kildare. Muslims all over Ireland attended the convention and reaffirmed their rejection of violence and extremism, as the community is totally committed to eradicate any kind of extremism from Islam.

Jalsa Salana Ireland

It officially began with a flag hoisting ceremony in the morning at 9.50 AM in which the Irish Tricolor, and the flags of the four provinces was raised, along with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community flag. It was attended by  people from all walks of life including representatives from all political parties in Ireland, faith leaders and members of Garda Siochana. Cllr Peter Kavanagh, representing Mayor of SDCC,  addressed the audience and praised the Ahmadiyya community Ireland for holding such events and promoting peace.

Addressing  the audience, Inspector Bary Mills at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Annual convention 2019, applauded the community for its worldwide charitable and peace promoting activities.

Jalsa Salana Ireland

A book stall and exhibition on the community’s history in Ireland, key Islamic beliefs and topics was also on display… read more at source.

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