Ahmadi Muslims from Lancaster & Morecambe to join 35k at UK’s largest convention

Source: lancasterguardian.co.uk

Muslims from around the UK including Lancaster and Morecambe will be heading for Hampshire next month to attend the counctry’s biggest convention of Muslims.

Around 35,000 people from more than 100 countries are expected to converge on a farm in Alton from August 2 to 4 to enjoy a weekend with a festival atmosphere.

Muslims at last year's convention taking the pledge.

Muslims at last year’s convention taking the pledge.

During their stay, attending Muslmims will pledge their allegiance to an Islamic Caliphate.

This is the UK’s largest and oldest Muslim conference, also known as Jalsa Salana UK, and one member who will be making the trip south is Lancaster resident Dr Muhammad Saqib … read more at source.


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