VA secretary changes rules to allow displaying of religious symbols

181207132829-robert-wilkie-exlarge-169Source: CNN

Washington (CNN) Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie issued new policies Wednesday allowing religious symbols to be publicly displayed in VA facilities nationwide.

“Effective July 3, these changes will help ensure that patrons within VA have access to religious literature and symbols at chapels as requested and protect representations of faith in publicly accessible displays at facilities throughout the department,” the VA said in a statement.
Wilkie said the new directive is intended to help protect “religious liberty” as part of a broader effort to make sure “veterans and their families feel welcome at the VA.”
“We want to make sure that all of our Veterans and their families feel welcome at VA, no matter their religious beliefs. Protecting religious liberty is a key part of how we accomplish that goal,” he said. “These important changes will bring simplicity and clarity to our policies governing religious and spiritual symbols, helping ensure we are consistently complying with the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution at thousands of facilities across the department.”

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