The US is quietly waging war in Somalia – and Trump has made it worse

After all, the militant groups al-Shabaab and the Islamic State in Somalia (ISS) pose no threat to the US. They’re actually fighting each other. But apparently the president hasn’t grasped that

Jerrod A Laber
New York

Troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia patrol the city of Kismayo today, where a hotel attack by al-Shabaab left many dead ( Getty )

Only two civilians have been killed or injured in the entirety of the US’s bombing campaign of Somalia — that is, according to the US Africa Command (AFRICOM). But is that true? I doubt it. The campaign has gone on now for more than a decade, and new internal documents, obtained and released last week by The Intercept, give credible evidence that the US “has long been aware of multiple attacks that left civilians dead or wounded following operations by US or allied forces.”

Questions about how many civilians die in America’s drone wars have long been subject to controversy, but there is an even bigger question at hand here: What exactly is the US’s campaign in Somalia supposed to accomplish?



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  1. This is so ironic!! First, the US and its racist leadership wage wars all over the world on the pretext of forcing them to apply their version of what ‘democracy’ is supposed to be which the ‘natives’ don’t want which creates further chaos, ad infinitum. Then, this creates a lot of displaced persons who become refugees who then try to flee their country to escape, only to find that the same warmongering country does not want them…

    Thereby adding salt to their already broken and wounded lives! What kind of justice is this?!

    • pretext of democracy: Actually I do not think they even believe that themselves, it is purely for ‘media home consumption’

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