What Happens After We Die? Jewish View

Author Simcha Raphael Answers Questions on the Afterlife

Source: Jewish Exponent

Judaism is notably ambiguous about the afterlife.

Jewish law instructs Jews on specific practices, such as funeral and burial rites, and shiva, but concepts like the immortality of the soul, the world to come and the resurrection of the dead are largely left up to interpretation. ——

In Judaism, the afterlife is a multistaged journey of transformation. In the first stage, the person releases attachments to their physical body. One may see deceased loved ones as they leave their body, welcoming them into the world beyond, and one many have a vision of a review of their life’s deeds.

In the second phase, one goes through a purification process of any unresolved emotions, often described as painful, but you may have help from loved ones who are still alive, offering prayers on your behalf.

The third stage is called the heavenly Garden of Eden, where one merits divine reward, and there are said to be seven realms that correspond to the level of one’s spiritual development upon their death. In some cases, this is the end of journey, or one may prepare for reincarnation.

There is no eternal damnation, only a process

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