Park named after Komagata Maru tragedy opens in Canada’s Brampton city

Source: The Times of India

By Neel Kamal

 A public park devoted to 105 years old Komagata Maru tragedy is being opened at Brampton city in the Ontario province of  Canada on June 22. The park named after the ship has been set up in honour of immigrants. It is an attempt to pay tribute to the struggles of those who were on board the ship in 1914 . This is claimed to be first Canadian commemoration of Komaga a. Maru outside British Columbia province. The park has been set up with the persistent efforts of Brampton city regional  councillor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon.
Earlier the Canadian  postal department had issued postage stamp in memory of the incident on May 6, 2014 on completion of the centenary of the incident.

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