This Father’s Day, An Octogenarian Writes to his Children

Source: The Citizen

Dear Children:

Many thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful gift you kindly sent me for Father’s Day. I too would love to give you a return gift. And what gift could a father possibly give his children that he has not given them before, in all these years?

Being a generous father, I will give you yet another piece of advice, and urge you to treat and retain it as a priceless gift.

I am aware that in the past you did not pay much attention to or care about some of the advice I gave. I am not sure if you later regretted not having paid heed to whatever I had told you. However, I beseech you all to listen carefully to this special advice that I give you in my twilight years.

Your father will not always be there to help you in times of crisis, and you alone will have to cope. Please do appreciate that your father has had a roller coaster life with many ups and many downs. Also you will accept and appreciate that your father has a lot more experience, sweet and bitter, over the past seven or so decades, than you have had.

This world is cruelly competitive; it is not kind to the soft and the timid. Therefore, you must shun timidity and acquire self-assurance. Remember some of these golden rules that will help you navigate your life-journey:

Temper is a great virtue if you don’t lose it. Everyone possesses a temper but not many treasure it: most people tend to lose it easily. Let me confess that I too have been short tempered and have had to pay a heavy price for losing my temper often.

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