Ahmadiyya Amir calls for unity in diversity for a better Gambia


June 10, 2019

“If we want to be united in diversity as a nation, for a better Gambia, we should always treat each other fairly that is when we can move forward and also continue to enjoy the peace that we always have, said Ahmadiyya Muslim Jmaat the Gambia Amir Baba F Trawally.

He added: “As the Holy Month of Ramadan is the month of Charity, in which we spent out of our wealth and belongings for the welfare of the poor and needy, such acts of goodness should always continue throughout the year, not just during the blessed Holy Month of Ramadan.”

In his Eidul Fitr on Tuesday, he calls on those that have (rich) to always be helpful to the poor, needy and the weak, saying that doing so is when we can truly fulfill the spirit of the Blessed Holy Month of Ramadan.

“As we bid farewell to the Blessed Holy Month of Ramadan, the good qualities that we have been showing, exercising and developing during the blessed month should not be thrown away or put aside, but instead we should continue to inculcate these practices in our everyday life. May Allah Almighty enable us to do so and make it easy upon us,” he preaches.

He added: “During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the unity that we showed as a nation, as Muslims, as people belonging to different ethnicities, religions and opinions, the great sense of brotherhood, our efforts just for the sake of Allah Almighty to have stayed away from all sorts of evils, bad deeds and our striving and sacrifices to purify ourselves and win the pleasure and nearness of Allah Almighty.”

He urged for this to spirit continue so that Gambians can live in a harmonious, peaceful and united environment, adding that “as a nation we should continue to live as one family and treat each other equally.”

Indeed we cannot have one and the same opinions or ideas, for that reason, we should respect the opinions of each other and treat each other with justice and equity, he concluded




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