Amnesty International Report Says Myanmar Military Is Again Committing War Crimes

gettyimages-1090779988-3a4fd883cdf8f38d91794fea1de4f53c84c43ac4-s1500-c85Source: NPR


Myanmar military units instrumental in the brutal push to drive out hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya from the mainly Buddhist nation have unleashed a new round of war crimes and other human rights violations against ethnic groups in the state of Rakhine, according to Amnesty International.

In a new report released Wednesday, the organization claims “indiscriminate” attacks against civilians began on Jan. 4, after the Arakan Army, an ethnic Rakhine armed group, launched a series of coordinated attacks on police posts that left 13 officers dead.

The Arakan Army is one of several insurgent groups fighting Myanmar government forces and is made up of ethnic Buddhists. The government considers the group a terrorist organization.

The ambush prompted the government to order military forces, including new units, to “crush” the group, spawning fresh, and perhaps more egregious, violations than those committed in 2017, Amnesty International contends.

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