Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox | Has Science Buried God? Debate

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The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles about religion and science, rational understanding of Christianity and interfaith tolerance

We have saved the above debate and an additional debate between the two in the Muslim Times as well:

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  1. John Lennox makes many good points for the existence of God. But, fails to see God’s revelation for humanity and His sense of Justice in any thing other than his own distorted view of history from the era of Jesus. An unreasonable insistence on the stories of resurrection and incarnation from two thousand years ago.

    Christianity has been called as an obsession about the person of Jesus of Nazareth, by some Christian apologist and it is very apparent in many a debates by the Trinitarian Christians.

    They simply cannot see a lot of simple points. For example if God the Father made Jesus rise from the dead, then Jesus was only redundant for the Godhead. So, the Christian story is not internally consistent either.

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