As India’s Election Ends, Warring Parties Burn a Village

merlin_154981389_887839b8-ad4d-4fd7-b335-d1c971ab89d9-superJumboSource: The New York Times

By Vindu Goel and Shaikh Azizur Rahman


BOGAKHALI, India — Riya Mondal could not stop crying. Standing in front of the burned-out shell of her family’s home and adjacent appliance repair shop, she pointed to the blackened cage that once held her two beloved parrots.

After a minute, she caught her breath. “They ransacked the house on Sunday,” said Ms. Mondal, who is Hindu. “The next day, they came back and burned it.”

Just down the road, one of her Muslim neighbors, Mamtaj Bibi Khatun, walked gingerly on the shattered terra cotta roof tiles that covered her floor, recounting how she had run out of her house just moments before masked men tossed a Molotov cocktail through the window.

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