Imam Mohammad Tawhidi: The problem with the media’s favourite Muslim


Opera House in Sidney, Australia.  The Muslim Times has the best collection, to overcome sectarian divide among the Muslims, see the collection below, and about the holy Quran


Imam Tawhidi’s use of social media has attracted both notoriety and attention for years.

In particular, he has been accused of posting inflammatory statements about revered figures from the Sunni sect of Islam.

In Islam, there are two main strands: Shia and Sunni. Imam Tawhidi is a Shia Muslim.

In Australia, Sunni and Shia have a long history of peaceful co-existence — and many in Australia’s Muslim community don’t like people coming in and stirring the pot.

A Facebook group was set up by Australian Shia Muslims in 2015, to try and expose Imam Tawhidi’s apparent sectarian tendencies.

The group’s admin spoke to Background Briefing, but didn’t want to be named.


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