Galamsey and vigilantism deterring Ghana’s progress – Maulvi Salih

Galamsey Central RegionFile photo

Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, the Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana has called on political leaders to have strong political will to decisively deal with negative issues retarding the nation’s development.

They must also cultivate the spirit of service and sacrifice and holistically commit towards addressing the menace of galamsey and vigilante groups in the country.

These acts, he noted, were obnoxious and had a high potential of causing unrest and therefore must be discouraged immediately with a high sense of commitment.

Maulvi Salih said this during the second annual Zonal conference of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Gomoa Mangoase zones of the Central Region.

The conference which was on the theme “Sacrificing in the cause of Allah, the best asset of a believer” was to promote a deeper understanding of the teachings of Islam for members to rekindle their faith.

“There are two obnoxious human characteristics among Ghanaians today and unless we live up and do away with them, it will continue to deter the progress of our country”, Maulvi Salih said.

Citing examples from the recent incidents at the Ayawaso Wuogon by-election and many similar others, he said such obnoxious acts were disgraceful and a threat to the sovereignty of Ghana.

“We do not need vigilante. We have soldiers, policemen, and women whose duty is to ensure that there is peace and order in the country”.

He questioned why another force was created describing their dedication to politicians as “immoral” and called for all political parties to cooperate and collaborate in the interest of the nation to achieve the desired development.

Maulvi Salih said, “our forefathers left Ghana a proud nation with all the wealth, they did not destroy the water bodies, they left the resources intact for us, but we are polluting the water bodies and destroying everything”.

“If this is what we are leaving behind for the future generation, then we must know posterity will not forgive us”, he added.

Traditional leaders who were supposed to be protecting the natural resources were rather taking a token and leading people into galamsey fields in their areas.

He asked Muslims and Ghanaians, in general, to desist from engaging in such immoral activities adding that, it was their moral and religious duty to save the country from destruction.


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