Holcomb signs hate crimes bill void of explicit protections for gender, gender identity

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BY , Indianapolis Star

“Our goal was to achieve a comprehensive law that protects those who are the targets of bias crimes, and we have accomplished just that,” Holcomb said in a news release. “We have made progress and taken a strong stand against targeted violence. I am confident our judges will increase punishment for those who commit crimes motivated by bias under this law.”

The new language goes into effect in July.

Previously: Gov. Eric Holcomb said Tuesday evening he will sign the controversial yet historic hate crimes bill after months of back-and-forth on what a hate crimes proposal should look like.

The bill the Indiana Senate passed earlier that day, 34-14, would for the first time gives Indiana specific hate crimes protections, but it has yielded criticism from across the state and country because gender identity, gender and age aren’t explicitly listed.

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