B.Desh: Hifazat Islam leader calls Ahmadiyya infidels

Hifazat Islam leader calls Ahmadiyya infidels

The Hefazat leader demands once again that the government declare the community as non-Muslim.

Dacca: The Hefazat leader demands once again that the government declare the community as non-Muslim

Leader of the fundamentalist group Hefazat-e-Islam Shah Ahmed Shafi has urged his followers to socially boycott the Ahmadiyya religious community, calling them kafir – infidels.


File photo of Hefazat-e-Islam chief Shah Ahmed Shafi

Shafi, who has long been clamouring for the government to declare the community as non-Muslims, was speaking at an Islamic rally in Madaripur on Tuesday.

“They are infidels because they do not accept Hazrat Muhammad (SM) as the last prophet,” he said.

“Do not associate with them or form kinships with them.”

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He urged the audience to observe religious rituals and carry out pious acts.

Shafi reiterated a six-point demand, including arrest and punishment of Rashed Khan Menon MP for his ‘statements against Islam,’ governing the nation on the basis of Qur’an and sunnah, and death penalty for the New Zealand mosque attacker.

Former Awami League minister Shajahan Khan and Madaripur municipal Mayor Khalid Hossain Yad were present, alongside religious leaders and scholars, at the event.


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