Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Is Absolutely Relentless On Social Media Even As Platforms Crack Down On Other Extremist Groups

sub-buzz-26728-1552915682-1 (1)Source: BuzzFeed News


FacebookYouTube, and Amazon moved to remove or reduce the spread of anti-vaccination content after recent public outcry. The platforms largely eradicated ISIS terrorists and made inroads to remove white supremacists from their services, and worked to keep them off. But through all this, anti-Muslim content has been allowed to fester across social media.

For years, Muslims endured racial slurs, dehumanizing photos, threats of violence, and targeted harassment campaigns, which continue to spread and generate significant engagement on social media platforms even though it’s prohibited by most terms of service. This is happening amid increasing violence against Muslims in the US and attacks on places of worship worldwide, including last week’s murder of 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand by a man police say was steeped in white supremacist internet meme culture.

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