More Catholics considering leaving the Church over sexual abuse scandal

Source: CT

Pope Francis

A growing number of Catholics are now questioning their commitment to the Church in the wake of the recent sexual abuse scandal involving young people and priests, a new Gallup poll has found.

The poll, which was published on Tuesday, shows that 37 percent of U.S. Catholics, a 15 percent increase since the last sexual abuse scandal in 2002, are currently questioning whether they should stay with the church body.

The results of the poll are based on telephone interviews with a random sample of 581 Catholics conducted January 21-February 28 and has a margin of sampling error of ±5 percentage points.

While many more Catholics are questioning their commitment to the church since the 2002 scandal, there was no clear data to suggest whether or not the recent revelations of widespread abuse will cause them to ultimately leave the church.


2 replies

  1. They have to. As another prophecy of promised Messiah has to come true. Time is approaching fast when Catholics will consider to take refuge in universal true rleigion of Ahmadiyya Islam.

  2. Catholics: Do not let your kids go to church activities alone ! Go with them and supervise them ! (unless and until you follow brother Zubair Khan’s advice).

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