UK: Press Conference at Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Peace Symposium 2019


Prior to the keynote address of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa at the 2019 Peace Symposium at Baitul Futuh, London, a press conference was held that hosted an entire spectrum of questions, especially since the media wanted to take the opinion of a Muslim Leader on matters related to Islam.

A question that came up was with regard to the purpose behind building the Baitul Futuh Mosque. Huzooraa stated:

“Mosques are built for Muslims to worship … there are quite a number of Ahmadi Muslims residing in this area or in this city and they gather here for congregational prayer on Fridays. Almost 4-5 thousand people come here to offer their congregational prayers, so this is the reason; the same reason for which churches are built.”

A journalist asked Huzooraa for his thoughts on religious groups becoming radicalised. Huzooraa stated:

“I have been speaking on this issue for so many years. If they are Islamic extremists, then they are not practicing Muslims.”

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa further cited the example of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa entering into the treaty of Medina with other religious groups in order to grant religious freedom and emphasised that the Islam he knew never taught extremism. … read more at

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