Street Preacher arrested in UK, he was making Islamophobic comments


The Muslim Times has the best collection trying to distinguish free speech from hate speech and refute Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Petition launched to protect free speech after street preacher’s arrest goes viral

Source: Christianity Today

A petition calling for the protection of free speech in Britain has been launched after video footage of a street preacher being arrested went viral.

Oluwole Ilesanmi has since been released and no further action is being taken against him by police but his arrest outside Southgate tube station in London has raised questions about free speech rights.

He was arrested over a ‘breach of the peace’ after a member of the public told police that he was making ‘Islamophobic’ comments.

The actions of the arresting officers were defended in a statement from the Borough Commander sent to David Burrowes, former MP for Enfield Southgate and co-founder of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

‘Officers attempted to speak with the man to explain why they had been called and advised him that he should leave the area. The man refused to leave and a decision was made to arrest him in order to prevent a breach of the peace,’ the statement said.


The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments:

The video above shows the moment of his arrest, but, we do not have the video when he made the Islamophobic comments.

What is not reasonable to say against the Jews should be irreasonable to say against the Muslims.  Let us try to find the parallels between Antisemitism and Islamophobia.  Suggested reading:

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