Mob attacks 200 Christian families in Pakistan after 4 women falsely accused of blasphemy


Angered Muslims in Pakistan protest the release of Christian mother Asia Bibi after she spent eight years on death row on Oct. 31, 2018.  The Muslim Times strongly condemns this exploitation of our Christian brethren and sisters

Source: Christian Post

An angry Muslim mob in Pakistan displaced about 200 Christian families from their homes after four Christian women were falsely accused of blasphemy last week.

The Christian persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern reported the events that took place last week in the Farooq-e-Azam neighborhood of Pakistan’s fifth-most populated city of Karachi.

The organization reports that a Muslim woman named Samina Riaz accused four Christian women who ranged in age from 14 to 30 of desecrating the Quran last Tuesday, according to an eyewitness.

The accusation was made after Riaz and her husband were asked by their Christian landlord, Amjad Dildar, in January to vacate a home they were renting because the Muslim couple was “causing trouble among the Christian families in the community.”

Last Tuesday, Riaz accused three of Dildar’s daughters and another Christian woman of damaging a copy of the Quran, Islam’s holy book. Those accused of blasphemy are 22-year-old Sunaina Amjad, 18-year-old Sophia Amjad, 14-year-old Soneha Amjad, and 30-year-old Sophia Qamar.


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12 replies

  1. This is terrible demonstration of mob power and destroys the law and order. The government should take strong steps and restore the rights of grieved Christians.

  2. These wrong accusations led to attacks on innocent christians, this is very wrong and I hope the government will do something so this does not happen again.

  3. As long as there are the extremist intolerant Groups there is no peace at all.
    The root of conflict in Islamic countries is the intolerant scholars ISIS, Taliban, Jihadis etc.
    No peace— no peace— no peacd in Islamic countries!

  4. A very sad incident.
    According to the constitution, every citizen of Pakistan, even if they belong to a minority have equal rights. The government is responsible for their basic human rights and should make every effort to protect them from these so called muslims.

    • This misses the point. In a civilised, free society, there is no such thing as blasphemy. Everyone should be able to express their beliefs (or lack of) with impunity. End blasphemy laws.

  5. Once again innocent lives lost, the government must start doing something about this. This act should be punished so it does not happen again.

  6. I agree because Pakistan is becoming a Islamic intolerant state. It is a dangerous state, there is no peace for minorities groups like Christian and Ahmadiyah etc

    Very sad indeed🙏

  7. It is very sad and troubling that innocent lives had to suffer. There is always something that can be done to prevent something like this, and the government should reinforce that. Peace!

    • I do not think that The Pakistan Government can prevent such troubling and killing innocent people. There are millions the extremist Muslim in Pakistan. They can kill innocent people any where and any time. They can make bombs now. Very sad 😂

      Note. Rafiq . why my account is on and off ? You do not like me anymore?

      • Somi: I am not doing anything to your account at all. Just I was logged off myself and had to log in again. Not sure why this happened. Anyway, rest assured that I am not at fault !!!

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