Humanity First Switzerland, The Muslim Times and an Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Ilorin, Nigeria

tube well with pump

wushu place

By Rafiq Tschannen, Associate Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

We at The Muslim Times Blog, of course not only post articles for you to enjoy, but we try to follow up on contacts gained through the blog directly also, to answer questions and to continue to make connections.

One student for instance from Ilorin, Nigeria, was in contact with me. During our conversations I suggested that he should attend the Friday Prayers at the Ahmadiyya Mosque in his hometown, Ilorin, Nigeria. He went there and was quite happy with the Jumma Khutba and with the people he met there, and he has gone back since every Friday.

One thing however he reported to me that the person attending Jumma prayers were facing problem with performing Wudhu (the ablutions before the prayers). There was no running water.

I asked him to get me into contact with the Ahmadiyya Imam of the Mosque so that I could ask him what was the problem. The Imam then told me that they would need to dig a well, install a pump in order to get water. They had requested the local Government for help, but nothing was done so far.

I asked him for a quotation and then approached Humanity First Switzerland whether they could help. Humanity First Switzerland was able to approve the expenditure and agreed to pay for the well, the construction of facilities for toilets and Wudhu (washing place).

While we were discussing the matter all of a sudden the Government sent a machine to dig for the water. We were thus able to reduce the costs. Money was still needed for the specialised labor for the well and the other facilities.

The Imam of the Ahmadiyya Mosque was very efficient and arranged the work without any delay. At this moment the well has been completed, the pump is installed and toilets and wudhu place are working. Finishing touches, painting etc. are still ongoing.

Allhamdolillah.  Thanks of course go to Humanity First Switzerland for being able to finance the project, but the Editors of The Muslim Times blog are also happy to have been able to play a small part in cooperating and bringing all the parties together to bring this project to a happy conclusion.

Prayers requested …

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