Pro-Caliphate Islamist Group Attacks Ahmadiyya in Bangladesh and Injures 50

Source: The Eastern Herald

By Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa – February 13, 2019

Ahmadiyya Attacked by Pro Caliphate Islamist Groups in Bangladesh 50 injured during attack.

Hundreds of radical Muslims lead by several Islamists individuals and pro-caliphate groups have launched an orchestrated attack on the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the northern district in Bangladesh.

According to our correspondent (watch the video below), during the attack several houses of the Ahmadiyyas, including the house of Maulana Bashiur Rahman, who is an Ahmadiyya cleric, was set on fire, Ahmadiyya business establishments looted and ransacked as well female members of Ahmadiyya the community ware physically assaulted.

The unruly groups of Islamists chanting ‘Allahuakbar’ slogan went on this mayhem in presence of the members of the law enforcing agencies.

The attackers told the Ahmadis “This is Muslim Bangladesh. You can not continue any sort of un-Islamic activities in this country. Don’t force us to wage jihad against you.” When the members of Ahmadiyyas told the attackers, they were not engaged into any sort of un-Islamic activities. They are followers of Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In response, the Islamists mobs said “You people are infidels. Quran has clearly instructed us to kill Jews, Christians, and infidels like you people. You will be slaughtered like animals. Your girls and women will be raped and turned into slaves.

Soon, we are going to establish Khilafat (caliphate) in this country. This is our holy war(Jihad) against the infidels. You along with your patrons and supporters will face dire consequences. We know very well, you people are British mercenaries.

You, people, are agents of Jews and Christians. You are people are cohorts of the enemies of Allah. We are not going to allow any religious rituals of the Ahmadis in this country. The government is with us. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is with us. Don’t think you’ll get any protection from the government.”

I got a call on Whatsapp from some unidentified private phone no. and threatened me that if I write anything in favor of Ahmadis then I’ll face consequences and will be assaulted. They said, “Don’t play with the fire.”

For the last few days, we have been alerting the international community as well the media on the possible threat of intimidation on our fellow Ahmadiyya Muslim brothers and sisters in Bangladesh. But to our utter dismay, we have witnessed none of the members of the media as well as the international community had either contacted us or suggested Bangladesh authorities in ensuring protection to the Ahmadiyya community in that country.

Ahmadis in Bangladesh face fresh threat of persecution

Understanding the entire scenario in Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government have already slipped towards radical Islam. The Bangladeshi Prime Minister, being the Qaumi Janani(Mother of Qaumis) is clearly patronizing radical Islamists as well as pro-caliphate hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. While the United States is expressing gravest concern at the socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro as well as Iranian Mullah regime; they are yet to realize a no lesser threat to the global security which is gradually gaining strength in Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Bangladesh is clearly becoming another Pakistan.

Unless some immediate measures are taken right now that country may turn into a slaughterhouse of the religious minorities including Hindus and Ahmadiyya Muslims.

To interview me on this matter or for any further detail please contact: Hot Line: +91 9654974627


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5 replies

  1. This really goes to show how bad ahamadiyya community is treated in parts of the world. They are refered I’ll by muslim majority but is this what true islam teaches us to violate others, threaten them and kill them. All this wrong doing are haram and murder is a big sin is Islam. Its really disappointing how ahamadiya muslim brothers and sisters re discriminated agaisnt hopefully we see justice for those innocent bodies killered for no reason just misconceptions. WE NEED JUSTICE!

  2. “LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE”. This beautiful quote symbolizes Ahmadis and their true message for the world. It is extremely disappointing that Ahmadis are a minority within the different sects of Islam. Despite being so positive in our opinions, we are targeted non stop and sadly by other Muslim groups themselves! It is quite evident that Ahmadiyyat is one of the most peaceful sect of Islam, for example, in Canada. Many people really appreciate Ahmadis in comparison to other groups in Islam, and I think this is why they are so violent against us! If Bangladesh doesn’t take action against this behaviour, it will definitely become a terrible country for not only Ahmadis but other minorities and people in general, as they will be viewed as violent and discriminatory.

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