We call anti-migrant hostility ‘right-wing extremism’ on the streets, but what about when it comes from the state?

Recent deportations to Jamaica are proving that it’s still open season on immigrant communities, or anyone perceived to be from one

Richard Sudan
The Independent Voices

The hostile atmosphere toward immigrants, whipped up by the Conservative government in the run up to, and since, the Brexit vote, seems to worsen on a daily basis. Stories about the mistreatment, detention and abuse of migrant communities are constantly emerging.

When the Windrush scandal first broke last year, the callous disregard by the British government towards black British citizens was laid bare for all to see.

British citizens from the Caribbean, who first migrated to the UK in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, known as the Windrush generation, were being deported by the UK government despite their citizenship status, or were not permitted to re-enter the UK to return to their homes, having travelled to the Caribbean.

A toxic mix of an inept and incompetent government, combined with racist Home Office policies, pioneered and allowed to fester under prime minister Theresa May, led to the heartbreaking and infuriating situation with Windrush.

Families were being torn apart, and lives were being ruined forever. Some of those deported, often with no family or support network, died following the trauma they experienced.



Last year 9,641 asylum seekers were repatriated by plane, with 165 “involuntarily” on forced deportation flights (Keystone)


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