Nepal woman suffocates in banned ‘menstruation hut’

_105467593_nepalhutSource: BBC News

A 21-year-old Nepali woman died of suffocation in a windowless “menstruation hut” after she lit a fire to keep warm, say police.

Parwati Bogati was found when her mother-in-law went to check on her.

“She was excited about the next day as her menstruation would end. Poor child closed her eyes forever,” Laxmi Bogati told the Kathmandu Post.

The incident in Nepal’s Doti district comes just weeks after a mother and her two sons died in a similar shed.

Local police officer Lal Bahadur Dhami told AFP of the latest case: “We suspect she died due to smoke inhalation and suffocation because she closed the door of the windowless hut and lit a fire on the floor for warmth during the night.”

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