India: Demystified: What Is Citizenship Amendment Bill And Why Is It Causing Protests In The North-East?

By Himanshi Parihar –
January 31, 2019

Demystifier: An ED Original where we take a complex topic but the content is written in such a way that it is knowledgeable and easy to comprehend at the same time.

Citizenship Amendment Bill proposes to selectively relax citizenship rules for migrants of six minority religions – Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Originally 11 years, the bill will grant them citizenship in 6 years.

This arrangement has become the bone of contention for the north-eastern states.

The major reasons why TRIPURA, MANIPUR and MEGHAYALA are not backing the bill are because they are concerned it will encourage illegal immigration from Bangladesh and threaten the demography, cultural and linguistic rights of the indigenous minorities.

In MIZORAM, people fear that Buddhist Chakmas from Bangladesh will take advantage of this amendment. While the ones in ARURANCHAL PRADESH fear that Chakmas and Tibeteans will do the same.

NAGALAND wants the bill to be reviewed. To enter these 3 states, Indians need Inner Line Permit so the affect of the amendment might not be felt as much there.

Protests are the most rampant in ASSAM.

The Assamese feel that the Bill violates the 1985 Assam Accord which aimed to curb illegal Bangladeshi migration, irrespective of the immigrant’s religion.

Cut-off date of the bill is 31 December 2014 so the protesters feel that it breaches the cut-off date of both National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Assam Accord, which is March 24, 1971.

BJP’s justification:
As per ruling party BJP, new citizens will be accommodated all over India and not just in the North-East so the latter need not worry.

Saying that the amendment encourages migration is technically wrong because its cut-off date is December 31, 2014 and not a day beyond that.

It sees this amendment as reparation of partition to the separated Hindus.

Fault lines in the bill

The very nature of the bill violates the Citizenship Act 1955, under which people of undivided India cannot acquire citizenship in India.

Secularism: Article 14 of the Indian Constitution clearly states that people cannot be discriminated on the grounds of religion.

The Bill on the other hand clearly discriminates on religious grounds. It leaves behind Muslims immigrants. One such act can damage the ailing secular ethos of the nation.

Remember the Rohingyas?
India has a centuries old tradition of giving shelter to refugees. Rohingyas are believed to be the world’s most prosecuted people, yet the Indian government deported them, citing concerns of internal security and lack of space and funds to accommodate them.

Barely a year later, we now have new gold mines to do the same for non-Muslim minorities?

Are Muslims not prosecuted?
The 6 minorities stated in the amendment bill are not the only prosecuted ones in the three countries. Followers of Ahmadiyya in Pakistan, Hazaras in Afganistan, and Shia sect and Sufism in both Pakistan and Afghanistan are prosecuted by Sunni extremists. Incidentally, all the sects mentioned are branches of Islam

What about China, Myanmar and Sri Lanka?
Our legislators wittily left these countries as Muslims are not in their best conditions there, the Uyghur Muslims of China and the Rohingyas of Myanmar for instance. The condition of Tibetans in China and that of Tamilians in Sri Lanka is not great either.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, if passed, may or may not have the same result as anticipated by the protesters. But the very fact that one such amendment was proposed, on religious grounds, is appalling.

BJP’s election manifesto in 2014 was to make India the home of persecuted Hindus around the world.
Seems like it wanted to make India what Israel is for Jews.

And if the ruling regime wanted to act as a human rights champion, shouldn’t it have included all the religions instead of including just non- Muslims?


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  1. Y Muslims need to see CAB,UCC and NRC Together – like the Christian Trinity (which is Haram in Islam)

    A lot of the Hindooo Dindoo Bania/Brahmin TV media try to delink the CAB and NRC,and try to make Muslims believe that CAB is not Anti-Muslim and NRC is far off..dindooohindoo

    This is again a strategem of the Fat Pancho Amit Shah and Dishwasher Chaiwala Modi diwmit duopoly.

    Phase 1

    In Phase 1 – the Bania/Brahmin company did cow lynching,love jehad lynchings,rama temple lynchings – to place the Muslims in the siege mentality syndrome.This is the Israeli Model – who first rape and kill the Palestinians – who look to the UN and the USA/EU – who do not do a thing.This starts the siege mentality when the legal system turns its back on the race,and the said race becomes a pawn in the hands of nations,and international organisations.

    Phase 2

    In Phase 2 – after making the Muslims physically insecure and helpless,the Bania/Brahmin company, deliver legal blows like the triple talaq bill,rama temple etc.This is also the Israeli Model – wherein the Jews have conned the USA to shift the embassy to Jerusalem,and reckon it as the capital of Israel.

    Phase 3

    In Phase 3 – which has now commenced you have the trinity of CAB/Uniform Civil Code(UCC) and NRC

    The target of the NRC and the UCC are the Muslims,per se.In CAB,it is an assymetric target – by specifying 3 Islamic nations – and their Hindooo,”so called oppressed minority”.

    The expectation is that Muslims become innured and oblivious of this destruction – just like the Dalits did for 5000 years.

    Phase 4

    In Phase 4 – like the Israelis split the Fatah/PLO etc., the Bania/Brahmin scum will give an OPTION to the minority sects of Muslims,to state in their identity documents their sects.This is the phase of casteing and classing the Muslims – who will ultimately declare,that they are “Hindoo Muslims”

    Minority sects of the Shia,Bohris,Ahmadiyas etc are declared as Non-Muslims in several Islamic nations.West Asian History also records that the Mongol invasions were assisted by these sects.Hence,these sects will in all
    probability toe the line of the Brahmin/Bania vermin – and start offering ritualistic tribute to Rama and the mad team of ape gods

    Phase 5

    In Phase 5 will come the quarantining and class-ing of Indian Muslims and Dalits in special zones and geographies with separate tranist id cards and restrictions on voting and mobility.

    Class is a natural corollary of the caste sanction in the Gita.The aim is to 1st use class to split the Muslim sects and then target the Hindoo castes – namely the Dalits.The Muslims are targetted with the pretext of National Sacurity and the Dalits will be targetted on the grounds of economic security – and then split based on Valmikis etc.

    The Problem of the Indian Muslims

    What is The Problem of the Indian Muslims ? The Gita is the only scripture which authorises caste discrimination before a man is born,and which lasts beyond the death of the person.

    It is only a naturally corollary and evolution that the Brahmin vermin will apply the same maxim to the Indian Muslims through the contorted and contrived convolutions of the NRC – under the garb of National Security – ostensibly to satisfy Article 14 of the Constitution.In reality the Brahmin/Bania vermin does not care for the Constitution – which is the antithesis of the Vedas and the Gita and the Ramayana.

    The Hindoos did the same thing to the Sikhs.Nanak did not use the word “Khalsa”.It was the Hindoo who conned the Sikhs,to become a race of mercenaries – and a sort of a mad suicide cult – which started worshipping vulgar and naked Hindoo Gods and Goddesses.The Sikh Gurus,Ranjit Singh,Khalsa Empire and Sikhism,were all destroyed due to the spiritual corruption by the Hindoos.Whoever supported the Hindoos was destroyed – that is the record of history (From the Sakas to the Huns/Mongols and the Mughals) and also recorded by Beruni.

    Now it is the turn of the Indian Muslims – it is they who voted for the BJP – just like Solomon who broke the Oral law and specific injunctions by Allah.Now it their turn to face doom.If a follower of Isaac or Ishmael cannot recognise Evil and explicitly supports Iblis or Evil – then it is clear than the man has been forsaken by Allah – and, in the opinion of this author,deserves doom.

    An “Indian” Muslim is not a Muslim who follows the Oral Law as re-revealed to the Prophet.To live as an “Indian” Muslim is a spiritual curse – which would definitely,not lead to paradise.

    The Hindoos of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Not even 0.1% of the Pakistani and Afghan Hindoos will seek refuge in Hindoosthan.And those that are in Hindoosthan will realise very soon that they have no DNA link with Indians.

    They will cohabit and marry with their own and eventually shift to USA/EU – just like the Iraqi Shias in India,who only marry among their own.

    The Hindoos of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has Gas.North East India has nothing.In the next 10 years,Indians will become economic refugees in Bangladesh – and many parts of North East India,will voluntarily secede from the Indian Union.In addition,like in Lanka,when a new political entity in Dhaka,kicks out the BJP and the Indian State and the PRC and PLA come in,the entire North East will be supplied from Bangladesh,at 20-35% cheaper items – for all purchases made by the North East Indians.They will be glad to secede from the Indian Union and form a trading block – with the PRC dam-ing the Brahmaputra,and wheeling the power right across India,to Myanmar and Dhaka.

    The Future of North East India lies in Myanmar,PRC and Bangladesh – and NOT with Eastern India or Central India

    Hindoosthan is doomed.


    The Solution is only the partition of Hindoosthan.Partition leads to evolution of the human race – when there is no 1 race,in a nation.PRC is one race – the Mongol and the Mongoloid.India has a million mongrelised races plagued by 2000 years of incestuous pullulation – and that is a sad historical and scientific fact and truth

    The suboptimal and retarded evolution of the Indian Mongrel races,is what is leading to the disaster of Hindoosthan,as it exists today.dindooohindoo

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