Sale Prices Gone Terribly Wrong in India’s Mall

shopping mall india

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I woke up today, having dreamt early morning at 4 AM. I was in the biggest DLF Mall of India looking to buy a pair of socks and a neck tie.

As I walked in, I noticed a sweater with a price tag of RS 9000. Next to the sweater were a pair of Jeans for Rs.10000 .The socks were Rs.8000 ! and Tie for astonishing 16,000 /-

I went looking for a salesperson and found one in the watch Dept.

He was showing a man a Rs. 225/- Rolex watch . I looked in the glass case and there was a 4 carat diamond ring also on sales for Rs.95/-.

Shocked I asked the salesperson “How could a Rolex watch sell for Rs.225/- ? and a cheap pair of socks sell for Rs. 8000/-“?

He said “Someone slid into the store last night and changed the price tag on everything “.

“Everyone is confused , people are acting like they have lost their sense of value”. “They are willing to pay lots of money for things of little value ,and very little money for things of great value ”

“Its like they don’t know what is really valuable and what’s not “. I hope we get the price tags back-on right soon.

I really pity, seeing people paying way too much for things of little value.”

I woke up startled & confused and thinking since then …

*Maybe our life is like this dream*

*Maybe someone slid into our lives and changed the price on everything*

*Maybe they marked up the value of competition, position, titles, fame , promotion, show-off , money and power*!

And put a huge discount on the value of *Honesty, Respect, Ethics, Righteousness, Happiness , Family , Relationships, Peace of mind , Contentment , Love , Knowledge , Kindness , Friendships*…

Maybe We are all living this dream …

*I hope … we wake up, well in-time*

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