‘I have lost my wallet and brother’: reuniting at Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest festival

5290Source: The Guardian

By  in Prayagraj

Day and night, through crackling loudspeakers, the announcements ring out. “It is Babu speaking,” says a shrill voice. “I have lost my wallet and brother. Please come here the moment you hear this.”

“Lal Ram is here,” a woman says a few times. “Come and collect him from the yellow tower.”

“Whoever has taken my trousers, that were drying on my car,” booms a voice in Bengali. “At least return the car keys from the pocket. You can keep the trousers.”

It is the first day of the largest human gathering ever. An estimated 15 million Hindus have come together at the convergence of the Ganges and Yamuna – two holy rivers in north India. Up to 10 times that many – more than the population of Russia – could bathe in the waters by the end of the festival in March.

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  1. Reminds me when I went to Hajj. My friend lost his watch on arrival in Jeddah airport. On return about 20 days later we had some spare time in Jeddah airport and my friend said ‘why not check with the ‘lost and found’ office’. And he found his watch ! – Another one a Swiss lady lost her wallet and passport in Jeddah before going to Makkah. Upon return after Hajj they checked into the same hotel in Jeddah – and the receptionist handed her her wallet and passport (she had dropped it when boarding the taxi). Let’s hope all the people find each other ! (including car keys).

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