Saudi lady is trapped at Bangkok airport after attempting to flee household amid fears they might kill her

By Theweeklyn –
January 7, 2019

A Saudi lady who’s being held in Bangkok after attempting to flee her abusive household has instructed of her terror that she will likely be killed if she is deported as deliberate in a couple of hours.

Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun, 18, has been trapped within the airport since arriving at 4am GMT on Sunday.

She supposed to achieve Australia and apply for asylum however a Saudi official within the Thai airport confiscated her passport after her father reported her for travelling with out her male ‘guardian’. He claimed she was mentally sick however failed to supply any proof.

Rahaf is because of be escorted on to the 11.15am (4.15am GMT) Kuwait Airways flight 412 from Bangkok to Kuwait tomorrow morning.
This night, talking from an airport resort room guarded by safety officers, she instructed MailOnline: ‘I’m scared.

‘My brother instructed me that he’s ready with some Saudi males.

‘They may take me to Saudi Arabia and my father will kill me, as a result of he’s so offended.

‘He’ll kill me. My household do that. I do know them.

‘They stored telling me they are going to kill me if I do one thing unsuitable – they are saying that since I used to be a baby.’


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  1. Other News said that she ‘denounced Islam’. Yes, we feel sorry for any lady that is abused in her family. We pray that she will be safe. – On the other hand: It is ‘World News’ when one lady finds herself in danger, but when millions of Ahmadi-Muslims in Pakistan are in danger because they do NOT want to leave their religion ISLAM no one likes to take any notice at all. Hundreds of Pakistani Ahmadi-Muslims are trapped in Bangkok (and Kuala Lumpur and also in Sri Lanka and elsewhere), all waiting for a ‘safe haven’. May Allah protect them all (yes, including this lady).

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