Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Victoria condemns all forms of racism


6 January 2019

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Victoria is concerned about the recent rise of far-right rallies targeting ethnic minorities in Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach which turned violent and resulted in several police arrests. We call upon all sections of the community to unite peacefully in their opposition to all forms of racism and hostility towards ethnic and religious minorities.

It is unfortunate that racism and a sense of superiority complex have penetrated our society. There are certain politicians who seemed to consider that white people had greater intelligence than other races. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community rejects this dangerous ideology and condemns all forms of racism, which stems from arrogance and pride.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community understands that the community has been greatly distressed and alarmed by the recent spate of youth-related crimes that have taken place in Melbourne during the past few months. Naturally, such crimes have frightened members of the public and instilled fear of immigrants in the hearts and minds of locals. This has resulted in a hardening in attitude towards immigrants in Australia. We are seeing far-right parties and groups gaining influence and popularity. This shift in attitude, and in particular, the subsequent rise of nationalist groups is worrying and is a cause of deep concern and threat to our nation’s peace and security.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community concurs with Prime Minister of Australia, The Honourable Scott Morrison that the key to Australia’s immigration success lies in both immigrants and government fulfilling their responsibilities. Genuine refugees should be assisted and supported, whilst immigrants should seek to contribute to the local society as soon as possible.



Ahmadiyya Mosque Melbourne

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