As an Afghan citizen, this is why I’m not worried that Trump is withdrawing his troops from my country

Afghanistan is stronger today than it was when the Taliban could easily take advantage, but a plan needs to be put in place if peace is to be maintained

Hizbullah Khan

The Independent Voices

President Donald Trump’s surprise announcement about the withdrawal of half of American troops from Afghanistan has created mixed feelings among Afghans.

Many fear that the withdrawal of US troops could lead to political instability, give the Taliban more power and thus see them recapture Kabul as they did in 1996, others are more hopeful their departure will facilitate peace talks.

The tragic history underlying these concerns generally points back towards Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, when the Mujahideen coalition begun fighting against President Mohammad Najibullah’s government. It would be another three years – March 1992, to be exact – when finally, Najibullah agreed to step aside.

Following that, the second wave of the civil war started, the Mujahideen fought against each other and various groups announced their government in different provinces. Now, whenever the ordinary people hear about the drawdown of the American troops, these are the very real possibilities that they think about.



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