Holistic reconstruction needed in Syria


Russia is spearheading a campaign for the reconstruction of Syria after seven years of warfare in which it had a pivotal role. A war that left hundreds of thousands of people dead and millions of others injured, and this is not to mention the countless number of Syrians who fled their country for their life and became refugees in neighbouring countries and beyond.

Millions became displaced in their own country and continue to endure untold hardships after having lost their means of livelihood and lost all basic necessities of life. Yet, in order to put this call for the rebuilding of Syria from nearly scratch in perspective, it must be said at the onset that the reconstruction of Syria is not really a gift to the ruling regime but rather a duty to the Syrian people themselves, as they stand to profit most from a successful reconstruction of their war-ravaged country.

That said, it is also right to give the reconstruction of Syria a deeper meaning and magnitude as it must not be confined or limited to its material dimension whether in the form of rebuilding homes, repairing highways and bridges or providing basic human needs including water, electricity, healthcare and education.

The reconstruction of Syria must be given wider and holistic dimensions. It is not certain that Moscow and like-minded nations comprehend or support this other side of reconstruction, as it has yet to signal any sympathy or support for it. Syria’s political system desperately needs “repair and reconstruction” from the ground up.

The reconstruction process entails the revamping of the country’s education system and upgrading its healthcare facilities, but above all, it needs to include the reconstruction of the political institutions in order to promote genuine democracy and respect of human rights. That is what the reconstruction of Syria means and that is what the Syrian people want. This requires not only money but the will to factor in these additional dimensions of reconstruction. Otherwise, the reconstruction of Syria in a limited fashion, as Russia and like-minded countries seem to want, would only lay the ground for more wars and civil strifes in the country as soon as the cement for rebuilding roads and bridges dries.



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