After difficult year, Palestinians pessimistic about future prospects for peace


Daoud Kuttab
December 24, 2018

Trump’s proposal, though not yet made public, is being met with skepticism due to his pro-Israel bias
“There’s nothing on the horizon to suggest that next year will be any better.”

AMMAN: For many Palestinians living under occupation, 2018 was a terrible year. The US moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and cut funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

Violent Israeli repression included the killing of more than 200 unarmed Palestinian protestors in Gaza.

Former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad described 2018 as “a bad year” for his people and their national cause.

Fayyad, now a professor at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, told Arab News: “There’s nothing on the horizon to suggest that next year will be any better.”

He called for “a national empowerment agenda anchored on the unification of the Palestinian polity.”

Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad, spokesman on international affairs for the Palestinian faction Fatah, told Arab News that 2018 “was a very difficult year because of the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian population under occupation, and US policies targeting refugees and Jerusalem.”


2 replies

  1. More than 70 years, one generation— no progress— but it is getting worse. Why?

    The extremist Muslim Hamas is a obstacle for peace between Israel and Palestine.

    Hamas still want to expel Jews from Israel. This their main goal—want to create Islsmi state if Hamas has the power.

    So there is no good News from Palestine for years ahead.
    Even they pray 100 times at front of Kaaba, Allah will not listen their prayer unfortunately.

    Merry Christmas snd a blessed New Year 2019.
    With love ftom us all ❤️

    • beg to disagree. The obstacle to peace is the land-stealing Jews that came from all over Europe and the USA too. If they think the land belongs to them I will listen to their arguments as soon as all European immigrants to USA have handed over their stolen lands to the native Americans.

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