Questions about Mary, Miraculous Birth of Jesus, Christmas, Atonement, Old Scriptures

Faith Matters 31 December 2009.

Tags: Faith Matters Mary Jesus Christmas Atonement Scriptures

Q1 @ 01:00 May I know how did Mary face the society which must be very hostile towards pregnancy out of wedlock. Her interaction with God was a personal experience which the Temple people did not believe. The Holy Quran was not there at that time.

Q2 @ 09:36 It is often argued that the miraculous birth of Jesus(as) puts him in the high status among the prophets not shared by anyone else, what is the Islamic view on it and does this birth put him with some kind of partnership with God?

Q3 @ 17:25 What is the origin of Christmas and if this is pagan custom what is the actual birth date or time of Jesus(as)?

Q4 @ 22:50 Where did the idea of atonement come from in Christianity? And how can we reject the idea?

Q5 @ 33:15 In articles of faith Muslims are required to believe in all scriptures, but in these scriptures we find contradiction even in basic beliefs and this puts them in doubt if they originated from same God, keeping this mind how can you follow their teachings with the teachings of the Holy Quran?

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