‘Sound of Humanity’ seeks to put Lombok tourism back on track … but then: another earthquake!


Panca Nugraha
The Jakarta Post
Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara | Wed, December 5, 2018

Editor’s Note:     Oho!    It seems that this music festival is a bit too early, because one day after the publication of this article there was another 5.3 Earthquake centered in Lombok. My family got very scared again – and small cracks in the house, just repaired, appeared again at one wall.  Prayers requested …
  An empty beach in Senggigi, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Thursday, August 9, 2018. (JP/Seto Wardhana.)


A music festival is set to be held in Sangkareang Square in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), from Dec. 8 to 9 to help Lombok recover from the earthquakes that devastated the region earlier this year.

Organized jointly by the Mataram city administration as well as musicians and volunteers grouped under Bandini Production, the Mataram Jazz & World Music Festival 2018 also aims to entertain quake volunteers and help survivors move on from their traumatic experience.

“This event is also held to promote Lombok as a safe destination to visit,” added the chairman of the organizing committee, Imam Sofian, at a press conference on Monday.

Some 100 local and national jazz musicians are scheduled to perform at the festival, which is themed “Sound of Humanity: Jazz Tribute for Humanity”.

“Initiated by artists, jazz musicians and volunteers, the event serves as a form of appreciation for the artists and volunteers who have done many things and helped the people of Lombok in the aftermath of the earthquakes,” said Imam.

The artists, he said, had been volunteering by distributing aid, building temporary houses, providing trauma healing and other humanitarian activities for the earthquake survivors.

“Even today they still continue helping the survivors. The reflection of their experience as volunteers motivates us to organize the event,” Imam said.

Among the musicians scheduled to participate in the festival include Jakarta-based artists Tohpati Ethnomission, Jason Ranti, Dua Drum, Cerita Fatmawati and Jazz Muda Indonesia feat. Agis Kania; as well as Astrid Sulaiman Quartet from Ubud, Sambava from Sumbawa, and Mataram-based musicians Ary Juliant, Sura Dipa, Jazz Double Quartet/Jadeq, Neo Decker, Pesawat Kertas, One & Flower, Don’t Tell Mom, and Pelita Harapan Jazz Project feat. JKR.

Slated to be held at Sangkarean city park, the event is part of the “Mataram MoveOn” campaign.

Mataram Deputy Mayor Mohan Roliskana said the earthquakes that hit the region from July 29 to Aug. 19 also affected Mataram, the provincial capital.

The earthquakes damaged houses, office buildings and other facilities. Even a month after the earthquakes hit, people in Mataram were still living in evacuation tents.

The “Mataram MoveOn” campaign aims to help survivors to return to their daily activities, as well as repair offices, schools and the region’s economy. (sri/kes)



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