More than 30,000 Indian-American Sikhs have entered the trucking industry in 2 years

axelrod-sikh-drivers-2018-11-23Source: CBS News

LARAMIE, Wyoming — Here’s what you might expect to see driving I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming: long stretches of highway framed by rolling hills and trucker after trucker making their runs, hauling everything from fuel to furniture. Billboards advertise where they can gas up.

What you might not expect is that the trucker in the next lane is wearing a turban. Even with unemployment at a nearly 49-year low, there is a record-high shortage of truck drivers.

This year, the turnover rate for truck drivers is 96 percent. More than 50,000 drivers are needed to meet the demand, and the shortage is forcing companies like Amazon, General Mills, Tyson Foods and others to hike up their prices to consumers.

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