Top 10 Question Answers – Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Question Answers, top 10 , Most Shared By Viewers in 2016 1. why dont you accept yazeed was wrong, while you have the knowledge,
2. Three Talak, 3 Talaq divorce in islam Reality of Talaq law in Islam? Court make a directive here?
3. Muslims congratulating for, festival, Diwali, Chrismas, etc
4. Dogs, angels, not allowed in house, touching them breaks wudu,
5. wudu when Nail polish is there,
6. interest, sood issues of taking loan and mortgage,
7. Reality of dajjal, yazuz mazuz? what are the signs of kayamat,
8. Is it compulsory to believe in Hadees?, why compiled 200 yrs after Prophet w/o guaranteed protection
9. Talaq when in anger,
10. Meraj, what is the reality of it,

Categories: The Muslim Times

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