Season 2 of Re-Sight Islam!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 20th, we are launching Season 2 of Re-Sight Islam!

1)  Because of your support (we had close to 20,000 downloads), Season 1 was a wild success and we were consistently ranked as the #1 Podcast on Islam by iTunes.   We have a ton of great ideas and compelling stories for you in the coming season – and if you would like a sneak peak at what is coming, take a listen to the Season 2 Trailer and then jump right in to Episode 1: “The Beginning: Science, Religion & Truth”,  hitting the airwaves tomorrow morning!

  • I invite you to subscribe and download all of the episodes on Podbean Stitcher or on iTunes – or your favorite podcast site.
2)  We are keeping the Podcast free, and likewise invite you to choose to support us financially and through social media.
  • We are looking for supporters and fans to become a Patron for $5/month.
  • Follow us on Twitter @ReSightIslam and share the Podcast with your family and friends on social media.
3)  REMEMBER: New Episodes of Re-Sight Islam Season 2 will drop every Tuesday and Friday. Thank you for all your support! We are looking forward to another great season with you.
With peace,
Qasim Rashid
Host – Re-Sight Islam
Twitter: @MuslimIQ

Categories: Americas, The Muslim Times, USA

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