Germany: The 48th Mosque


by Kathrin Spoerr

One Hundred it should be one day in the Republic of Germany – and in Thüringen the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is now starting the first new construction of a Mosque.

The sun was kind to Marbach, a part of the Erfurt town, when on Tuesday the foundation stone was laid for the first as a Mosque visible construction in the Country of Thüringen. It shown on Bodo Ramelow, the ‘left- Prime Minister, on Andreas Bausewein, SPD Mayor of the City of Erfurt, Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, Head of the Parlament faction of the Greens, on Christian Stawenow, Head of the Evangelical Church in Middle Germany and on approximately a further 500 persons – all invited, in order to celebrate together with the Ahmadiyya Community, to whom this Mosque will belong.

It is their 48th Mosque in Germany, the second, after Berlin-Heinersdorf, in the East. The third one, in Sachsen, is under planning. 100 Mosques the Ahmadiyya Community wants to build in Germany, decided on the 100th year anniversary on the foundation of their community, the 100 Mosque Plan.

In ten months the Marbach Mosue in Thüringen should be ready. Not a humble building, but a self-confident one. A building with a slogan: The Islam belongs to Thüringen. And when the impression of the pictures of the foundation laying ceremony are correct, then not only Islam belongs to Thüringen, but it seems that Thüringen seems to have actually just been waiting for this mosque.

Bodo Ramelow:   We have place for mosques, synagogues and churches. Islam is part of my own faith, as we all relate to Abraham.

Andreas Bausewein: The opening of the society hat taken a bit longer here in the East than in the West.

Astrid Rothe-Beinlich: Today is a good day, as the construction of the Mosque finally starts.

Christian Stawenow:  The construction is a sign of democracy.

Marbach itself is silent. What kind of silence it is, an agreement one, a resigned one, an angry one, one cannot say.

The President of the Ahmadiyya Community in Germany reports that according to a survey in Erfurt 90 per cent of the public were in favor of a Mosque. A view of the recent past however would show that the euphory of the addresses of the politicians was probably not shared by the whole public.

Marbach is a part of the town in the West of Erfurt. 4200 persons live here.  They mostly belong to the middle class, one family homes, one car, two children. Kindergarden places are in short supply. When two years ago it was known that the 6000 square meter piece of land at the entrance of the community would be used to construct a Mosque panic broke out in March, short but strong. Why here, why with us the people asked.

When the Ahmadiyya Community invited the public for an information day in June 2016 hundreds turned up. The Sports’ Hall was too small, dozens crowded outside. The local Newspaper described the situation as such: ‘On the war path against Ahmadiyya the citizens became enthusiastic Islam critics.

More:   and German original article:

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in city of Erfurt-Germany




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