Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany Embraces Historical Moment!

By: Zubair Khan
Source and Pictures: Fareed Khalid, National head of Preaching Department, AMJ-Germany

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in city of Erfurt-Germany

Day 13.11.2018 proved to be an historical day for Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany. After lot of opposition and unfavourable circumstances lasting for good about 13 years, finally came the moment to lay the foundation stone of first mosque in this Eastern Part of Germany leaving aside the city of Berlin. It was really a festive and lively event.
EF 2
National Head of AMJ Germany Mr Abdullah Wagishauser delivering his address while other notables sitting on stage.
Segment of local society as well few organisations resisted a lot for many years to stop the permission of construction of the mosque. This part of East Germany is famous for radical moves and anti Islamic atmosphere. However as is always with majority of  Germans, the justice for all and freedom of religion succeeded in the end.
The Chief Minister of the state, Mr Podo Ramelo, many other notables as well religious leaders participated in the foundation stone ceremony. Chief Minister was even blessed to lay his part of brick in the foundation of the mosque. In his remarks he applauded the philosophy of teachings of Islam propagated by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.
Even on the day of foundation stone ceremony opposing elements showed up but in a very small number. Sixty only in the city of above 2 hundered thousands residents. National, regional and local media covered the event at very vast scale and by the evening electronic media had already spread the foundation stone ceremony news through out the Germany.
National Head of AMJ Germany Mr Abduallh Wagishauser as well Local President of AMJ Erfurt Mr S Malik were extremely happy and ensthusiastic to have seen their dream come true after a struggle spread over a decade.
It is earnestly wished and we all pray the mosque proves to be a land mark in spreading the real and true message of Islam in this part of Germany.

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