Bermuda’s government fights against same-sex marriage in Court of Appeal

Source: CNN

Linda Bogle-Mienzer is one of the few Bermudians to have married someone of the same sex.

Story highlights

  • Same-sex marriage was legalized in Bermuda, then replaced with domestic partnerships
  • Supreme Court overturned the law change
  • The government is appealing the Supreme Court decision

(CNN)Somewhere around the age of 10, Linda Bogle-Mienzer became aware of her attraction to her own sex. For more than two decades, she kept it inside, fearful of what she saw as an environment of homophobia in her family and in her home country, Bermuda.

“Internally, it was destroying me and so I decided to come out,” she said. “When I was younger and struggling with my truth I couldn’t look up and see anyone vocally out there that looked like me or felt like me. I believe that I needed to be that for others.”
Bogle-Mienzer, now 52 years old, is a police officer by profession and community activist by passion. She’s also one of just a handful of people who have married a partner of the same sex in Bermuda.

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