More than 100 women elected to US Congress in historic midterms


Capitol Hill: US Parliament.  The women can still not be Catholic priests or Imams; when we say that the Muslim Times is promoting secularism and women rights in every country, among other things, we are talking about this dichotomy of secular and religious world

Source: ABC News

By Karma Allen

A record number of women were elected to Congress on Tuesday night as an unprecedented number of female candidates ran for the first time.

At least 98 women will be elected to the House of Representatives — 84 Democrats, 14 Republicans — and 12 will join the Senate — 10 Democrats, two Republicans — according to the latest projections by ABC News.

The figure marks an all-time high for the number of women in the House, but the results could fluctuate as more precincts report.

It was also a historic night for first-time female candidates, with several political newbies flipping GOP-held congressional seats, according to ABC News’ analysis.

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