‘Intense negotiations’ between Turkey, Jordan to keep free trade deal

By Mohammad Ghazal – Oct 28,2018

Turkish Ambassador in Amman Mourad Karagoz speaks on the free trade agreement between Turkey and Jordan, which Jordan sent Turkey an official notification of its intention to terminate, in May (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — Increased Jordanian-Turkish synergy will significantly help move towards a better Middle East and overcome common challenges in various arenas, Turkish Ambassador in Amman Mourad Karagoz said in an interview with The Jordan Times.

“Jordan and Turkey face common challenges. The two countries enjoy deep and distinguished ties and they need to join forces to work and cooperate for a better Middle East, a matter that will play a key role in fulfilling desired objectives,” the ambassador said on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, which the embassy will mark on Monday.

The official proclamation of the Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk took place on October 29, 1923, when the name of the nation and its status as a republic were declared. A vote then took place in the Grand National Assembly and Ataturk was elected first president of the Republic of Turkey by a unanimous vote.

“We made big gains during the past 95 years in terms of democracy, economic growth, equality between men and women in Turkey… all successive government built on the successes and, today, Turkey is a democratic, secular social state governed by rule of law,” Karagoz added.

Turkey, which will celebrate the centennial of the proclamation of the republic in 2023, is working on several mega projects with the aim of becoming the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030. Currently, it is the world’s 13th largest economy, according to Karagoz.

Relations with Jordan are solid at all levels including people to people, the official said, adding that the two countries see eye to eye on various issues.




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