Robot soldiers and ‘enhanced’ humans will fight future wars, defence experts say

The new report examines the possibility that soldiers could be 'enhanced' by 'gene editing, physical and cognitive prosthesis and pharmaceuticals'

Future warfare will likely be conducted by armies of robots and humans enhanced by gene editing and drugs, according to a new Ministry of Defencereport.

As the world becomes more volatile due to increased threats from terrorism and climate change, “new areas of conflict” will also open up, including space and cyberspace, it is thought.

In an analysis developed with experts from around the world, the potential challenges facing the UK are laid out

The document, entitled The Future Starts Today, also warns of an increasing risk from nuclear and chemical weapons as technology rapidly advances.

“This report makes clear that we are living in a world that is becoming rapidly more dangerous, with intensifying challenges from state aggressors who flout the rules, terrorists who want to harm our way of life and the technological race with our adversaries,” said defence secretary Gavin Williamson.

“Identifying these threats means we can continue to build an armed forces that can stay ahead of them.”

Published in the sixth edition of the Global Strategic Trends report, the document has been developed by the MoD’s think tank the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre, along with partners in Sweden, Australia, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands.


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