In Kenya, locals debate a boom in witch doctor tourism


Source: Religion News Service

By Tonny Onyulo

MOMBASA, Kenya (RNS) – Recently, after tossing some shells, animal bones and skulls on the ground, witch doctor Sidi Baya told Elizabeth Luciary, a visitor from Italy, that a snakelike evil spirit was within her, drinking her blood.

Luciary’s neighbor in Italy had cursed her, said Baya.

“I know what’s ailing you, you have evil spirits that can’t allow you to sleep,” said Baya as she ordered Luciary to drink a potion Baya had brewed. “I have now washed all the evil spirits away and you are pure. The evil spirits will never disturb you again.”

Tourists normally come to Mombasa to watch dolphins from traditional dhows, deep-sea fish, snorkel around wrecks and lounge on sun-splashed beaches. But Luciary was one of the scores of foreign tourists now flocking to this coastal city to seek the counsel of witch doctors to treat chronic diseases, exorcise evil spirits, end runs of bad luck, solve marriage problems and ensure success in business.

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