In Germany a Charity Run of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community becomes political

'Free Voters' raise questions about women's understanding


Roedermark - The recent charity run of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is becoming a political
issue. In a Press release, the Free Voters (FWF) criticise the fact that Muslims girls were 
allowed to take part in the run until the age of 13 only, while older women were excluded.
Mayor Roland Kern should have addressed this as a participant or cancel his participation. 
In their criticism, the Free Voters refer to a report in our newspaper and in their communication, they
call for "respect for gender equality". The politicians expressly praise the fact that the Ahmadiyya 
Communities organise a charity walk every year in Germany and distribute the entry fees and donations of 
their members for social purposes to local associations and corporations.

Unfortunately for the FWR the recent event has an undesirable connotation. "How should the much-vaunted
integration succeed if our foreign fellow citizens build obstacles to it?" asks FWR spokesman Siegried 
Kupzock. He contacted one of the organizers of the charity walk and explained the FWR's reservations. It 
has been argued that there is a Koran-based rule in Islam which prescribes a general separation of male 
and female activities in public. The women of the Ahmadiyya community are absolutely equal, but would
like to stay among themselves during sporting activities.


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  1. This is the only topic that creates controversy in Germany. We should address it somehow and see how we can counter it or face it.

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