Why we should stop calling God ‘he’

Source: Christian Today

By Rosie Harper

I know some fabulous men. People I admire, respect and love as individuals. This week however, has left me thinking that gender wars are at the root of most of the evil in the world. I am experiencing a sort of despair. There has been a perfect storm.

I really struggled with my reaction to the unfolding story in America around the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Virtually everyone knows that Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth, but they still went ahead and appointed Kavanaugh.

In a way we are familiar with the politicalisation of patriarchy in the Republican Party. What dug the knife in though was the role of the conservative Christian lobby.

As an email I received from Faith America on October 7 usefully summarised:

‘Franklin Graham said attempted rape was “not relevant.

‘Jerry Falwell Jr. bussed hundreds of Liberty University students to Capitol Hill to rally in support of Kavanaugh as Christine Blasey Ford testified.

‘An official at Catholic University tweeted that one of Kavanaugh’s accusers should be treated as a “perp,” not a victim.

‘If you want to understand why Republicans are voting lockstep to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, look no further than the religious right.

‘For decades conservatives have been telling Christians to vote Republican because of sexual morality. It’s time to end the charade.’


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