Birds Drunk on Fermented Berries Causing Havoc in Minnesota, Police Say Birds Will ‘Sober Up’

drunk birds

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Source: People

By Kelli Bender

Drunk and disorderly conduct is coming from the sky in Gilbert, Minnesota.

According to, numerous birds have started to act erratically in the Midwest town, causing concerned citizens to call the police and report the animals, which have been flying into buildings and cars.

All this bad bird behavior is due to accidental drunkenness.

“The reason behind this occurrence is certain berries we have in the area have fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost, which in turn has expedited the fermenting process,” Gilbert police chief Ty Techar wrote in a press release about the reported incidents.

So how do you deal with a problem like drunken birds? Wait it out.

“There is no need to call law enforcement about these birds as they should sober up within in a short period of time,” Techar added.

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