Humanity First Responding to Indonesian Tsunami

Humanity First Indonesia with support of Humanity First countries from around the world is responding to Indonesian Tsunami.
 Dear Friends,
An Earthquake and Tsunami have hit the island of Sulawesi affecting the   cities of Palu and Donggala, and many other remote villages. More than 150   aftershocks followed the 7.4 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami   which hit Sulawesi on Friday, causing thousands of homes, hotels, shopping   malls and several places of worship to collapse. So far, almost 850 deaths are   recorded in the city of Palu and Donggala.
 What Humanity First is doing?
Humanity First Indonesia immediately started collaborating with local   Humanity First volunteers on the island of Sulawesi to assess the situation.   Despite limited resources on the island, our team has started providing   medical aid and emergency relief to the local communities. Due to logistical   limitations on the island at this time, Humanity First Indonesia is coordinating   with authorities to send more personnel and relief supplies to the island.   Disaster relief mission of Humanity First Indonesia is being supported by all   Humanity First countries from around the world

How you can help?

Your financial contrubutions towards our ‘Disaster Relief Fund’ will enable us   to serve the people of Indonesia in these difficult times. You can donate   online HERE and select ‘Disaster Relief’ in the dropdown menu. Or, mail your   checks directly to:

Humanity First USA, 300 E. Lombard Street, Suite 840,
Baltimore, MD 21202

 Raise Awareness:
Do your part by spreading the word about Humanity First USA’s disaster   response and human development efforts in the USA and globally. It is as   simple as spreading the word in your  circle of family and friends;   visiting Humanity First website for updates, changing your  Facebook   status; ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our Facebook updates; following HFUSA on   Twitter and  retweet our updates.

Thank you,

Munum Naeem Executive Director

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