King of Jordan’s Diplomatic breakthrough


His Majesty King Abdullah’s interview with Fox News last Wednesday revealed, for the first time, that for all intents and purposes it was he who convinced US President Donald Trump to be at least open-minded about the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and to accept it, at least in principle.

President Trump has recently been talking more favourably about the two-state solution, although he predicated his change of heart on several caveats, including the acceptance of this solution by Israel, something that does not seem to be in the cards yet.

That said, the mere endorsement of the two-state solution by Trump, even though only in principle, is a major step in the right direction and this “diplomatic breakthrough”, attributed to the King’s convincing arguments and power of persuasion against the one-state solution and its inherent dangers to all sides, including Israel, could be the start of a diplomatic process leading to persuading Israel to come to terms with the idea.

The King successfully outlined to President Trump the dangers and the unworkability of the one-state solution, even to Israel, especially when it would lead at the end of the day to an apartheid state in Israel. The King also made it clear during the television interview that the success or the failure of the two-state solution rests with the US, pure and simple, and that the US president is called upon to exercise statesmanship of the highest order to lean more heavily on Israel to make it more open-minded about the idea and start developing a more favourable stance regarding it.

Another major revelation made by the King during the interview was related to Iran, when he said that Tehran has regional ambitions aiming to bring the Mediterranean shores within its reach and hegemony. This would explain the strong Iranian presence in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and even in Yemen.

The King has connected the dots in the region and now it is up to the international community, including the US, to draw the necessary conclusions and act accordingly.

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