Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is going to organize a Peace Symposium in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: In a positive move the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is going to organize a ‘Peace Symposium’ here on 23rd September 2018 at Hotel Swosti Premium where city’s prominent Maulanas, other Religious Priests and Educationist will attend the programme.
This Peace Symposium does not include any kind of political talk rather discussions are made over religious extremists who create violence in the name of Jihad and promises are made to cut down the inhuman thoughts of people who stand against humanity from the grass root level. Further discussions are made respect and safety of women in the society and how to overcome it. Focus on reality like “improvement of youth for the improvement of society” is also done. Primary focus is given to love for country which is an undisputed part of religious faith. According to the intellectuals, to avoid third world war we should practice justice, peace, harmony and tolerance which will help maintaining peace in the world.
In this Peace Symposium a number of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs along with educationists and knowledgeable persons will actively participate in the discussions and which would provide a platform of brotherhood where people of all caste religion, race and gender are equal. And a path to peace and harmony will be established through a serious effort for uniting religious and mixed moralities to human beings in order to establish global peace.
On the occasion of this Symposium, scholars from different religions will gather at one platform and will enlighten on their own religions with a sweet jangle of “Sarve-Bhabantu-Sukhina”, “Nara-e-Takweer Allah-Hu-Akbar”, “Haleluya”, “Wahe Guru Zindabad” and “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE” all together where the Holy Quran Ayats, Veda Mantra’s, Testaments of Holy Bible and Sad Guru Vani will be chanted in a single tone by all. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has been organizing this type of Peace Symposium every year in different parts of the world to establish justice among people. The presence of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is spread over 212 countries in the world. The community has been working towards underprivileged, widowed women and old age people. Further it has also initiated blood donation camps, free health check up and helped needy people at the time natural disasters through ‘Humanity fast’ regardless of any religion, caste, race or gender.
The motto of this Peace Symposium is to establish World Peace, Brotherhood and Harmony among all.

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